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For a proper taste of Somerset, you have to try our cider!

Many local Somerset cider distilleries welcome visitors and offer cider tours or tasting sessions. Especially beautiful during spring, you can wander around many of the orchards. They also host annual events such as Apple Day at Burrow Hill or the New Year Wassailing ceremonies.

Burrow Hill Cider

Just across from the iconic Burrow Hill is the Somerset Cider Brandy Company‘s distillery, Burrow Hill Cider (perhaps the most famous of all the Somerset Cider distilleries). Internationally recognised for their Somerset Cider Brandy and Cider Bus at Glastonbury, this distillery is well worth a visit.

The orchard’s stretch for over 180 acres and at different times of the year you can glimpse the cider-making process. They can also provide tours, tasting sessions and often have events over the summer. Find more info here.

Perry’s Cider

Stop by the award-winning Perry’s Cider to stock up on their single variety ciders and visit their Somerset Cidery to learn the history of Perry’s cider-making. You can also visit their farm shop, or sit and bask in their gorgeous orchards. They also have plans to open a cafe!

Sheppy’s Cider

Another staple of Somerset cider is Sheppy’s Cider on the way to Taunton. With over 200 years of cider-making experience, Sheppy’s House of Cider is every cider lover’s dream. You easily book a tour or just stop by their tasting counter.

Alongside their cider shop, they also have a butchery, bakery and deli selling freshly baked treats.